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Joint University and Small and medium sized enterprises Training

Implementation Suite

Just Implementation Suite is conceived as a comprehensive set of guidelines to mainstream and facilitate the replicability of the JUST beyond the formal timeline of the project and partnership itself.

The aforementioned set of guidelines is arranged into two different documents that will be produced by partners:

•IMPLEMENTATION SUITE: to promote the uptake of the JUST Project results and deliverables beyond the scope of the partnership and the scale of the project and after the end of the co-funding from Erasmus+. The IMPLEMENTATION SUITE is the operational guideline for other operators of the education and training ecosystem concerned with HE, employability and HR. The IMPLEMENTATION SUITE includes tools for the delivery of the training and represents the set of guidelines for other universities and SMEs to adapt and adopt JUST tools to enhance collaboration, develop curricula, joint teaching, etc.
•GREEN PAPER ON HEIs/SMEs COLLABORATION: this document collects lessons learned acquired during implementation and consolidates the wealth of knowledge on the dynamics pertaining to collaborative dynamics between SMEs and HEIs to strengthen students’ employability and their competitiveness into the labour market.