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Joint University and Small and medium sized enterprises Training

JUST Project releases the Green Paper: a wealth of knowledge for strengthening collaboration between SMEs and HEIs

The JUST project presents the release of its Green Paper, a comprehensive document that consolidates lessons learned and insights acquired during project implementation. The Green Paper serves as a repository of knowledge on collaborative dynamics between Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) and Higher Education Institutions (HEIs), aimed at enhancing students' employability and competitiveness in the labor market.

As the culmination of the project's efforts, the Green Paper provides valuable inputs for evidence-based policy making in the fields of higher education, employability, social inclusion, and equal opportunities. By establishing clear operational and policy linkages between the project and the public policy level, the Green Paper contributes to shaping policies that foster collaboration between universities and businesses, driving socio-economic development and innovation.

The Green Paper represents a significant milestone in promoting the JUST project to a higher level of implementation, transcending its impact solely from a learning perspective to influencing policy and practice. By collating the extensive experience and expertise gained through the project, the Green Paper offers insights into the concept of the entrepreneurial university, university-industry collaboration, and their role in fostering socio-economic development.


Key features of the Green Paper

  • Consolidates lessons learned by gathering insights and experiences acquired during the implementation of the JUST project, offering a comprehensive overview of successful collaborative practices.

  • Informs evidence-based policy making by providing inputs for evidence-based policy making, and influencing public policies related to entrepreneurial universities, university-industry collaboration, and socio-economic development.

  • Promotes higher-level implementation by elevating the impact of the JUST project by advocating for its integration into policy and practice, ensuring sustainability and scalability beyond the project's duration.

The Green Paper will be available online at this link to provide stakeholders with access to a wealth of knowledge and insights to inform decision-making and drive innovation in the fields of higher education and business collaboration.
For more information, please visit www.just-training.eu or contact the project team at just.training.eu@gmail.com.