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Joint University and Small and medium sized enterprises Training

JUST Partnership launches implementation suite to ease exploitation and sustainability of projects’ results

The partners of the JUST project proudly announce the release of its Implementation Suite, operational guideline designed to promote the uptake of project results and deliverables beyond the project's scope and duration. The Implementation Suite represents a significant milestone in fostering collaboration between universities and businesses, offering tools and guidelines for enhancing cooperation, developing curricula, and implementing joint teaching initiatives leveraging on the partners’ experience and the JUST project’s methodology.

As part of Project Result 4, the Implementation Suite serves as a comprehensive set of guidelines to mainstream and facilitate the replicability of the JUST project's outcomes. This resource equips operators within the education and training ecosystem, including universities, SMEs, and HR professionals, with the tools and guidance necessary to adapt and adopt JUST tools for enhancing collaboration and employability.

The Implementation Suite includes practical tools for delivering training and represents a set of guidelines for universities and SMEs to enhance collaboration in various aspects, including curriculum development and joint teaching. By providing a framework for implementing JUST project results, the Implementation Suite empowers stakeholders to leverage the project's findings to benefit their respective institutions and industries.


Importance for future exploitability and sustainability

The Implementation Suite plays a crucial role in ensuring the future exploitability and sustainability of the JUST project results and partners' efforts. By offering a structured approach to implementing project outcomes, the Implementation Suite enables stakeholders to integrate JUST tools and methodologies into their ongoing practices, ensuring the continued relevance and impact of the project beyond its formal conclusion.

Furthermore, the availability of the Implementation Suite online ensures accessibility to a wider audience, extending the reach of the JUST project's outcomes beyond the formal timeline of the project and partnership itself. This democratization of knowledge enables universities, SMEs, and other stakeholders to benefit from the project's findings and contribute to the advancement of collaboration in the education and business sectors.

The Implementation Suite will be available online at JUST Implementation Suite. Stakeholders are encouraged to explore this invaluable resource and harness its potential to drive meaningful collaboration and innovation in the university and business ecosystems.
For more information, please visit www.just-training.eu or contact the project team at just.training.eu@gmail.com. Stay updated with the latest developments by subscribing to our YouTube channel