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Joint University and Small and medium sized enterprises Training

Successful Multiplier Event for the JUST Project Held in Brussels by IHF asbl

IHF asbl, the Belgian partner of the JUST (Joint University and Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Training) European project, successfully organised and executed a two-part Multiplier Event (ME) in Brussels. The event, designed to foster collaboration between higher education institutions (HEIs) and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), took place on March 26 and May 21, 2024.

The first session of the ME was held on March 26 at the IHF office in the heart of the European Quarter in Brussels. This session brought together a diverse group of seven participants, including university students, representatives from the Corporate Women Association, and two representatives from an EU-level organisation. The second session took place on May 21 at the KU Leuven campus in Brussels, involving 8international students.

These sessions focused on the project’s genesis, objectives and the direct relevance to the participants, who were mainly HEI students with early career experiences in associations and the workforce. During both sessions, IHF asbl introduced the participants to the JUST project’s objectives and showcased the project’s online platform and deliverables. The sessions emphasized the importance of bridging the gap between education and the labor market by developing up-to-date curricula through the collaboration of HEIs and SMEs. The discussions highlighted the innovative operational tools developed by JUST to facilitate HEI-SME interaction for joint teaching, work-based learning (WBL) and placements.

Furthermore, it has been underscored the Brussels’ role as a pivotal international hub for HEI-industry collaboration. By hosting the event in such a strategic location, IHF asbl effectively showcased the international dimension of the JUST project, aligning with the city’s emphasis on internationalisation and HEI-enterprise interactions.

Participants from nine different countries - Italy, Ukraine, India, Morocco, Netherlands, Bulgaria, Hungary, Canada and Rwanda - contributed to a rich exchange of ideas and perspectives, enhancing the event’s impact and reach. The event successfully demonstrated the value of international collaboration in developing the skills and competencies of the future workforce.

About JUST: JUST (Joint University and Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Training) aims to bridge the gap between the world of education and the world of work by bringing together Universities and higher education institutions (HEIs) and micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to develop coherent, relevant, and up-to-date curricula using micro-credentials. JUST is an EU project co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme. The partnership comprises 9 partners from 5 different countries (BE, ES, IT, SI, SK), with representation from both the university sector (4 partners) and the business sector (2). Additionally, 2 business agencies and 1 organisation from the tertiary sector are actively involved.

For further information about the JUST project, please contact: just.training.eu@gmail.com

Project website: www.just-training.eu

YouTube channel: www.youtube.com/JUSTchannel