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Joint University and Small and medium sized enterprises Training

Impact Nation Institute

I.N.I. - Impact Nation Institute (BC Angels, s.r.o.) is a young company that was established by two co-founders. Through its activities, I.N.I. wants to meet the needs that exist on the path to sustainable development of businesses in Slovakia and in a broader context in CEE countries and throughout Europe. These needs include: accessibility of quality entrepreneurship education, boosting business projects with social/environmental impact by mentoring, accessibility of investment capital and other finance possibilities and building functioning ecosystem for social innovation.
Within 10 years, I.N.I. will support the creation or transformation of more than 5,000 small and medium-sized enterprises in Slovakia and CEE, which have a positive social and environmental impact. The vision is to make Slovakia known as the "Impact Nation" , a country of people who take responsibility and contribute to solving local or global problems.