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School of Advanced Social Studies is an independent research-oriented higher education institution in the field of social sciences, located in Nova Gorica (Slovenia), on the western border of Slovenia with Italy, and close to both Austria and Croatia.

The School’s strategic vision and thematic focus on high-level applied research in specific areas of EU studies is shaped, first, by the intercultural space in which it is located, secondly, by the transnational character of the region, which has traditionally nurtured strong cross-border linkages and, finally, by the region’s successful, smart and inclusive transformation from traditional industrial and rural region to one with high value-added industry and tourism, in which knowledge played the key role.

The activities of the School are guided by strategic orientations towards interdisciplinary, internationalization, excellence, and applicability in teaching and research. During the short period after its founding in 2006, the School has managed to attract and consolidate a highly qualified and ambitious team of mostly younger researchers and university teachers. In terms of measurable scientific achievements, this is currently one of the leading social science institutions in Slovenia. SASS has full accreditation for BA and MA courses as well as for doctoral studies.

SASS is providing degree-awarding courses at undergraduate, master's, and Ph.D. levels in social sciences, media studies, and psychosocial counseling.

SASS is not only an internationally connected leading national center of excellent social science education and research, but it is also strongly embedded in the local, regional, and national environment by conducting high-level basic research and relevant applied research for businesses and public administrations at local and national levels.