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Joint University and Small and medium sized enterprises Training


Regional Development Agency of Northern Primorska Ltd. Nova Gorica is located in Goriška region of West Slovenia.
RDA was established by 6 municipalities in 1999 in order to unite all local, regional and national potentials and to realize development projects financed with national and international resources.
The RDA covers an area of 6 municipalities
The area has 60.000 inhabitants.
The main city is Nova Gorica with 32.000 inhabitants.

THE MISSION OF RDA OF NORTHERN PRIMORSKA is to o stimulate development in economic, social, environmental and spatial area in Goriška statistical region; to prepare and implement Regional Development Program and other joint development programs; to gain national and international financing resources; to advise, stimulate and support local entrepreneurship.

Different FIELDs OF WORK:
• Local Business Centre stimulates development in SMEs and promotes innovative activities including new technologies in different fields;
• Department for Regional Development and International Cooperation, which takes care of sustainable development in Goriška statistical region;
• Project Office, which takes care of constant information to all target groups;
• Department for Rural Development encourages the development of the countryside, seeks partnerships for implementation of developmental initiatives and takes care of the preparation and implementation of local developmental strategies.